الاثنين، 16 يوليو 2012

{Chapter 1}

So here is the first chapter of my story, tell me what you do you think of it?
If it's good i might continue writing it!

After she made me crazy about her, she left me hanging. Why? Where did I go wrong? Without any reasons she forget me and decided to move away from me, is it my fault that I loved her with ALL OF MY HEART?! I just can't take it anymore. I feel the pain all over my soul. I don't understand why she did this to me, did she find some other guy? I never imagined I'd be hurt&depressed like that because of her. If she wanted to leave me, why she made me fell for her in the first place? I want her to know how my life became like since she's gone. I want her to know that I'm dying and hating my life without her, she left me nothing but her picture. Her picture is all I keep seeing. No! If she really did loved me, she wouldn't leave me..!!:')

Its been one month&im still trying to move on, its the hardest thing I've ever been through. The only thing that made me weak, and put me in sorrow. I can tell that she's happy right now, I notice it ,its obvious.

So, tomorrow is going to be last day school. Finally summer holiday is going to start. Maybe its going to help me to move on and forget every single shit I've been through, I really need to laugh and smile. I'm tired of faking a smile, all I want is to change mood and stop overthinking!

I entered my room and lock the door. Suddenly my phone starts ringing, it was my bestfriend Chris, so I picked up. "Hello?"

"Liam, you're not going to believe what I have just heard!!" He yelled. 

I wasn't really in a good mood for any news from him. I just have to think of what I might do in the summer holiday. "What?" I said in uninterested tune.

"you're fucking girlfriend is having a new boyfriend!" He said quickly. 

My eyes widened. "What?!" I said quickly in a low tune. "Plus she's not my girlfriend" I felt my heart is going weak, I felt my whole body is weak, it does really hurt. I tried to act like I don't care about what he just told me. But also hoping that what chris just said wasn't true.

"Nevermind! Dude she's your friend girl now" he said. Its like he's continuing hurting me. Now that I've heard 'you're friend girl' I felt that my legs are coming weaker and my head is about to explode.

"What do you mean 'you're friend girl'?!" I said in hasty. Then I realize what I just said, shit I was supposed to act like I don't care. "I don't wanna know anyway, she's nothing to me now and i--"

He interrupted me. "Excuse me? Who do you think you're fooling, you're dying to know how's she! Anyway, you're gonna find out tomorrow who's he, I better go to bed. See you tomorrow bro" he said and hanged up.

Chris is a really good friend, he's tall and tanned skin guy. Girls type, he almost dated half of the school girls. His length about 185 cm. He can be such a pain in the ass sometimes and rude, but I'm never going to find a friend like him, we've been friends for like, five years I guess.

Now I feel like shit. I really wanted to call him and know who's that guy, but I didn't wanted to show people that I care for her. I really should stop. I'm shattered. Everything's so wrong going around me. I feel that everyone is against me. I keep my feelings to myself because its hard for someone to understand.

I took off my shirt and placed the phone on the table as I jumped on the bed and tried to sleep.